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3 Ways Transport: Samples

Do you have a chilled, frozen or ambient samples that needs delivered on time, intact and at the correct temperature?

We can offer dual temperature, chilled &/or frozen sample distribution. We understand that the sample you are sending could result in millions of pounds worth of business so that’s how we treat every sample distribution.

We currently deliver samples daily to some of the UKs and Europe’s biggest companies and have done for many years so you can be confident we really do know what we are doing. We deliver chilled, frozen & ambient samples to all major supermarket head offices and to photo shoots for magazine and TV work, laboratories for testing and events for tasting whatever your requirement.

We operate single temp, dual temperature and ambient vans for our sample deliveries so if you have varying product samples to go to the same or different addresses they can go on the same sample delivery van whether they require just chilled or frozen therefore saving you money and giving you peace of mind that the same careful driver is delivering all of your chilled or frozen samples.

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